BODY TEMP LIMIT CHANGED: 37.8C! JUSTIFICATION RULES CHANGED! Temporary School Rules and Regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemia

 BME International Secondary Grammar School

Measures and transitional school regulations

to prevent the spread of COVID-19


September 1, 2020


I. Rules for entering the building

  • The opening hours of the school building will not change, teaching will begin at 8.30am. Students are kindly requested to arrive between 7:45 a.m. and 8:20 a.m., not grouping in front of the school. On the first day of entry, please submit the signed parental declaration sent by e-mail.
  • Body heat measurement and hand disinfection is mandatory for all people entering the building. Please keep the correct distance at the entrance! At a temperature of 37.3-37.4 °C, repeated measurements follow, and at measurements above 37.8 °C student cannot enter the building, their parents are informed about this.
  • Neither students nor visitors can enter the building without wearing a mask.


II. Rules for staying inside the building

  • It is required to disinfect the hands after using the washbasins. Automatic dispensers are available on each floor.
  • Please follow the rules of increased hygiene - cough, sneezing etiquette – etc., tend to avoid hugs / kisses / handshakes - do not share stationery, cutlery, etc.
  • During classes and during breaks we provide continuous ventilation with the help of students on duty. In case of good weather condition during the breaks please give priority to the use of the yard. To do this, we install beer benches.
  • Desks / handles are often cleaned and please do not store subject and physical education items, tools in the classroom. There can be nothing left on or in the desks! These items are removed during cleaning / disinfection.
  • We help to separate each grade with classroom and timetable changes.
  • All students are required to wear masks during lessons and breaks.


III. Digitally supplemented teaching order

  • Classes can also be followed online upon prior parental request and with justification for increased risk (e.g., diabetes, immunodeficiency, etc.). In September, we would like to prepare all our students successfully for a possible home learning routine.


IV. Changes in IT education

  • It is very difficult to disinfect the computers, so that is why we ask our students to use their own machines during IT lessons.
  • All students are supported to use their own machines during any other lessons as well, so that it might be easier to switch to digital education. We already provide the curriculum for several subjects in e-book format, and the skill-level use of google classroom is also an important requirement.
  • Instead of using photocopies and handouts, we would like to use shared documents and online resources during our lessons, for which students’ own digital devices would also be important.


V. New rules on having meals

  • For the safety of our students, we will temporarily eliminate the possibility of leaving the building during the lunch break. In addition to the possibility of ordering lunch, please pack some cooked meal or make sandwiches for your children.


  • The buffet is still open, but the distance, mask, etc. are obligatory. We provide the possibility to have lunch on beer benches  in the yard and separately in classrooms.
  • A microwave is available in every classroom. Use of students’ own cutlery set is mandatory. We provide separate containers for food scraps and take care of their  regular emptying.
  • In case of justified food allergy, individual food ordering is possible on request, but in all other cases we would like to order heated food according to the existing system. (external food delivers are not allowed to enter the building)


VI. Rules for justifying absences

  • The system of parental certificates is still alive, but concerns only preagreed family events. For every other case (sickness, headache etc.) we request a proper doctor's note (medical certificate). Without this note no student can enter the building. Staff members are also requested to show medical documentation upon return from sick leave.
  • After the first two lessons the class teachers, or their deputies call the parents of those students (without proper prior notice) who are missing.


VII. Procedure in case of suspected infection / symptoms

  • If the student is not allowed to enter the building due to the high body temperature measured in the morning, we will notify the parent and the school doctor.
  • If symptoms of infection are observed during the day, fever is measured and, if necessary, the pupil is isolated. We inform the parents and the school doctor. To do this, we created a segregation room just for this reason.
  • In case of symptoms, the notification of the general practitioner is obligatory. According to the state procedure only the general practitioner can take action. Neither the school principal nor the school doctor is entitled to order quarantine.


VIII. Parental involvement and responsibility

  • We would like to underline that only healthy children can be allowed to come to school.
  • As for some temporary changes, please understand and support them, e.g. keeping the exact lunch order deadlines, providing your own cutlery, making sandwiches, etc. Please provide a laptop, internet access.
  • Before an influenza pandemic, vaccination is recommended to help differentiate the symptoms of the two diseases.
  • Many special thanks to you for the understanding shown by all our students and their parents so far and we look forward to your continued support.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020