Special Subjects

English Literature


English Literature as a subject is unique to the Hungarian teaching system. Our students are learning English and American providing them with the opportunity not only to extend their general knowledge but improve their English, extend their vocabulary and means of expression. The first year is an introductory year where the students learn how to read literature in English. They read shorter novels, poetry and short stories, and learn the basics of literature. From the second year, literature studies progress in a chronological order from the Middle Ages until the 20th century. At the end of their studies the 4th year students have the chance of graduating from English literature as an elective subject.



Hungarian as a Foreign Language


Hungarian as a foreign language is taught in four groups according to language levels in  3 lessons per week. The result is impressive: all our students can communicate successfully by the end of the fourth year.

Why is learning Hungarian useful? Accepting the fact that our students spend a considerably long time here in Hungary, it is easier for them to accommodate to the new surroundings, people and their habits if they are able to reach them by means of communication.

Is learning Hungarian difficult? Learning a new language is never easy. Hungarian is not an Indo-European language, which means it is not similar to English, German or French. However, it does not mean that learning it should be more difficult than those already mentioned. On the contrary, the situation of being in Hungary is a great help in the learning process.

What teaching materials do we use? We use a series of a Hungarian course book written for foreigners. Apart from the book, other up-to-date audio-visual materials are also used. Our teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language are all native speakers, who are experts in teaching Hungarian to foreigners with a long teaching practice.

Since our school follows the official curriculum for Hungarian public secondary-schools, Hungarian is a compulsory subject of the final examination.  Our students with dual citizenship (Hungarian and other) have the opportunity to choose the subject of Hungarian as a foreign language instead of Magyar irodalom és nyelvtan.