Admission Information and Procedure

BME International Secondary Grammar School


Formation and conditions of students’ legal status

a.)   A student can be a member of our school either by taking a successful English level test or by taking them over from another school. Admitting a student is the director’s right.

b.)  The language of instruction is English.  According to the level of English of the applicants we offer a regular 4 year program or an extended 1+4 year schooling program. In the academic year of 2018-2019 we only offer a regular 4 year program. One can be admitted only by meeting appropriate English and study requirements.

c.) We offer the maximum of 28 places in one Class 9 for the year 2018-2019 

d.) Successful completion of the elementary/primary school is a precondition for admission. On October 11, November 14, 15 and 16 in 2017 there will be Open days in our school. It starts at 8:30. During these days applicants may observe classes (lessons are held in English) and they may take the English level test (written and oral part) at 12.30 p.m. Applicants are informed about their results in writing.

March 2018 an additional Level Test opportunity will be announced for prospective students AND for  Hungarian students applying via the "Hungarian Central Admission Procedure". 

e.) Applicants scoring under 70% (B2 language level) cannot be admitted according to the law regulating the bilingual schools in Hungary. Retake of the unsuccessful test is possible.

f.) For the applicants scoring over 70% (B2 language level) the final admission decision will be based on the former school report certificates of the 7th grade and the mid-term report of the 8th grade. In case more applicants showing outstanding performance than the available positions in class a brief interview will help the final decision.

 g.)   If the applicants come from either a Hungarian or a foreign secondary school and want to join a higher class, they must take (a) supplementary or (a) classifying exam(s). The content of these examinations are determined on the basis of the differences between the contents of the schools. Fluent English is a basic requirement.


The school is maintained by a foundation (Angol Nyelvű Közoktatásért Alapítvány). Its financial sources include state financing, foundation contribution and sponsors’ payments. A student can claim the special services of the school for a contribution to the foundation, which is 1.200 000 HUF/year. A Sibling Allowance for brothers and sisters is awarded to all parents as follows: second child and all subsequent children results a  35% reduction of fees.


Application is possible via the online form at We welcome applications at all times of the year.

Applying via the "Hungarian Central Admission Procedure" (Középiskolai Központi Felvételi Eljárás) please do not forget to fill the "tanulói felvételi adatlap" as well-provided by your primary School.
Necessary information for the Central Admission Procedure (KIFIR): 
School OM code: OM 035349  Location code (telephely): 002
Name: BME által alapított Két Tanítási Nyelvű Gimnázium
Codes for the 4 year program:
001 Class 9 Advanced English, Spanish beginner (9. osztály, angol haladó, spanyol kezdő)
002 Class 9 Advanced English French beginner (9. osztály, angol haladó, francia kezdő)

English Level Tests and Open Days

October 11. 2017, 12.30 p.m. (written and oral)

November 14-15-16. 2017, 12.30 p.m. (written and oral)

Results will be published the following day at 14.00



Components of the English Level Test

Applicants should know and be able to use English in the below listed categories.

Components of the written part:

1. Multiple choice tests:

Tenses (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Future), Statements, questions, negative sentences, Present Conditional, Auxiliary verbs, Passive (basic), Reported Speech (basic), Comparison, Superlative forms.

Applicants to the first year should also know

Future and Past Conditional, Probability by using auxiliaries, Gerund, Special cases of Reported Speech

2. Reading comprehension - questions and other tasks related to the text.

3. Guided composition

Oral examination: General conversation, describing a picture and a situation card on the following topics

family, home, school, shopping, meals, weather, transport, giving directions, health, sport, leisure time, hobby.