Farewell videos 2021

2021. június 17.

Summer Office Hours/ Nyári ügyeleti napok (09.00-13.00)

Summer Office Hours/ Nyári ügyeleti napok (09.00-13.00)

29 June/ Június 29

15 July/ Július 15

30 July/ Július 30

10 August/ Augusztus 10

23 August/ Augusztus 23

2021. június 15.

List of applicants scoring under 70% (no ranking for the academic year of 2021-2022)

All other applicants will be listed/ranked 22 March 2021

Preliminary listing: 22 March
Early publication of ranking: 16 April
Final list of applicants admitted: 30 April

2021. március 10.

Individual application is now open/available in the Central Application System (KIFIR)

Click on the picture or title for further details

2021. január 14.

Celebrating 5 years Anniversary of becoming an IB World School

2021. január 3.

COVID19 DAILY Information

We would like to inform you about our current COVID 19 situation:

Confirmed COVID 19 cases students: 6
Confirmed COVID 19 cases staff: 3
Number of Digital " Classrooms" due to positive Students: 0
Number of classes on special leave due to positive staff: 0

2020. október 27.

Higher Education Admissions 2020

Our students feel privileged to continue their studies at these Universities

2020. október 19.

Winning First and Second Again! Read, write and....perform

Some students of our school making up 2 teams took part in the English contest organized for the bilingual schools of the capital city. There were 25 teams competing in the contest. The team of Horváth Blanka, Ovcharuk Andrej and Vértes Bendegúz won the second place, while the team of Horváth Liza, Chakrdi Hamida and Hu Haiyue finished the top file and came in the first place.
Their teacher: Sebőkné Szabó Emőke

2019. december 16.

Contact details of our class 2019 (IB and ISGS):

2019. október 16.