Ozren Cvjetic 

I have been teaching for 7 years.My teaching career took me around the World teaching middle and high school in the USA,teaching as a Visiting Professor at research based university ,educating kids in a brand new international school and nowadays teaching here at the BME Gimnazium in Budapest,Hungary.

My first carrier was in international regulatory finance.

As an economist I was trained in Seattle and in Boston as a mathematician and educator.

My first carrier background is in European Union regulatory finance and emerging market central banks. I was a member of the G20 private sector preparatory group, sponsored by the Financial Stability Board, and an expert on the Legal Entity Identifier. As a member of this group, I co-authored a major report on LEI operations which was adopted at the G20 summit in 2013.

My first book in the finance field, "The LEI Handbook";was published in London in 2017 by the Chancellor Publishing.

My feature film “Americana” (2017) was in the Official Selection of the 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival.I made several short films presented at the international festivals  as well as 2 feature films.

I am currently filming my 3rd feature film based on the Silver Age literary works.